Selling, whether being property, land, car, furniture, mining equipment becomes less stressful when you have the right Auction House. Therefore, before selling your assets, it is of utmost importance that you research about the available Auction Houses.

When conducting your research, you must find out who is the Auctioneer of the Auction House. This is the most important consideration because Auctioneers must have and employ certain skills and techniques to obtain the best possible price. Other than administrative skills, an Auctioneer must have interpersonal and professional marketing and sales skills. It is advisable that one attends a few live Auctions and observe as to whether these skills are demonstrated by the Auctioneer in conjunction with confidence.

In addition to the above, the seller must ensure that the Auctioneer and the Auction House specialize in the type of assets he wishes to sell. This will increase the probability of the assets being sold. Furthermore, the seller must verify or check whether the Auction House is registered with the professional body representing the industry in which the assets belong. To illustrate, a property auctioneer must be registered with the Estate Agency Affairs Board.

It is also advisable that sellers must only use Auction Houses that are registered or are members of a professional body such as the South African Institute of Auctioneers as they are bound and cannot violate the association’s code of conduct. This provides a sense of easement to sellers, knowing that Auction Houses are subject to regulatory bodies. In the event of a dispute, the regulatory body will assist both the auctioneer and the seller or buyer.

Finally, sellers must investigate how widely each Auction House markets and advertise auctions and the platform it uses. A successful marketing campaign is dependent upon identifying and knowing your potential buyers. Thereafter, Auction Houses must formulate a marketing plan which will reach the specific targeted audience. Therefore, the manner and platform used by the Auction House to market an auction has a bearing effect on the success of an auction.